Do You Need Tree Trimming Services? 


Authorities enforce the overhanging tree code strictly in Lakewood, CO. Preventative tree trimming services from All Area Tree Care can keep your home off their radar. Our tree trimming services will ensure your trees are safe and healthy. Call us today to make a tree trimming appointment.

Tree Services

We handle tree removal and planting services

All Area Tree Care clears trees for commercial and residential customers throughout Lakewood, CO. We handle tree removal for: 

Tree removal: Removal of dead and diseased trees 
Stump grinding: For planting a new tree in pace of your old removed trees 
Fire mitigation: Certain types of trees are more prone to starting house fires and wildfires
Land clearing: We’ll clear unwanted trees so you can use the land

We can also plant any type of tree. Let us know what kind of tree you want and we’ll transport and plant it in your yard. 

Set up a tree removal or tree planting appointment by calling 303-341-1273 today.

Tree Services

Do you have questions about your trees - shrubs - plants at your property? All Area Tree Care has the answers. I am an ISA Certified Arborist (RM-7654A), a member of the ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter, and a Master Gardener Certificate holder. I occasionally use the Jefferson County Extension office for information. If I don’t already know what’s going on with your trees or plants, I can get the answers to your questions. 

All Area Tree Care has an A+ rating with the BBB. We are a small company with lots of experience so there hasn’t been any problems or complaints with our work. We are the best at trimming - shaping your trees. Tree removal & stump grinding are services we offer. We have all the tools & equipment to handle most any job quickly & efficiently. The debris from your job is sorted & recycled so nothing goes to the landfill. 

Do you want a new tree to replace the old one cut down last year? Our planting schedule has grown with each year. We have worked with Denver Digs - City of Golden - Trees over Arvada & can refer you to low cost sources for trees. We work directly with a local wholesale outlet for trees or shrubs of any size. Are you having a problem finding what you want? We can pick out a tree for you - deliver & plant it at a reasonable price. Estimates are free so you don’t have anything to lose unless you don’t call. 

Pick the best tree service contractor around!