Do You Need Stumps Removed? 


Tired of having unsightly tree stumps in your yard? All Area Tree Care works to eliminate stumps of all sizes. We use stump grinders for backyard stump removal projects. We can also use the largest stump removal machines available, so nothing is off-limits. 

We provide residential and commercial customers with stump removal services. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

We’re serious about stump removal safety 

Stump removal isn’t a DIY job. Our stump grinding service is rooted in safety. To create a safe workspace, we: 

We call 8-1-1 for the job in advance
Check for underground buried utilities 
Secure the area from non-workers 

Call 303-341-1273 today to schedule stump grinding service in Lakewood, CO, or the surrounding areas. 

Stump Grinding & Removal

At All Area Tree Care - We Are the “Stump Removal Experts”

With the largest machine in the Denver Metro area, grinding big stumps is no problem. This machine can dig a hole that’s 31” deep. That makes planting a new tree where the old tree was, easy. In most cases, grinding a stump 6” - 8” below ground level is all that will be required. Once the stump has been ground out there is the debris left from grinding the stump. We do offer backfilling the hole with the available dirt & grinding, cleaning up and hauling the debris to the recycle yard at an additional charge. We also offer grind only - no clean up pricing. 

Our smaller portable machine can handle stumps of any size. We need a gate that is at least 35” to get the machine into the backyard. This small machine can grind out stumps within an inch or two from a standing wall or fence. Custom ramps can be built on the job to get the machine up to stump. Anything is possible to get the machine to the stump & we do it all. 

In addition to grinding out the stump there may be roots exposed on the surface. We can take care of that along with ground excavation. We can grind out the mound the tree created so the area where the tree was looks like there was never a tree there. 

We are the stump removal experts because we do them every day. When you call ask about our multiple stump discount - low hourly & daily rates. 

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