We Tame Overgrown Commercial Lots 

We Tame Overgrown Commercial Lots 


Clearing an overgrown lot, especially one filled with brush, is no small task. All Area Tree Care of Lakewood, CO, uses a tractor, bush hog, Bobcat, and a dump truck to completely clear your lots of weeds, brush, and debris. 

We can handle everything from a grassy, flat lot to a hillier, unkempt acreage. We’ll mow: 

- Fence lines
- Steep slopes
- In and around retention ponds

Field / Weed Mowing

We also have the equipment needed to maintain and clean out retention ponds. We’ll come to your property, drain the pond, and clear out the debris with our equipment. After we’ve cleared out the inside of the pond, we can take care of the field around the retention pond and make your property look brand new again. 

Call 303-341-1273 now for a field mowing, weed maintenance, or retention pond upkeep estimate in Lakewood, CO, and the Greater Denver Metro Area. 


3 Reasons You Need Bush Hogging Services

Unmaintained lots: 

Attract mice and snakes: Rodents love to nest in tall grasses and snakes love to dine on rodents. 

Cause health problems: Mosquitoes and animal waste accumulate in neglected lots
Lower property values: You could be reducing the value of your own land by failing to maintain it. 

We’ll also load and haul away large unwanted debris and brush. All of these problems can be solved or avoided with bush hogging services from All Area Tree Care. We use top-of-the-line equipment, including a Bobcat, to eliminate all unwanted brush. 

Schedule commercial bush hogging services by calling our Lakewood, CO location now. 

Our tractor & bush hog is the right machine for mowing large lots, pastures, or green belts for homeowners associations. Contractors use my service to mow construction sites. String line mowing of areas not accessible to the tractor is available upon request. 

Junk & litter clean up before we mow is done at an additional charge. Our reputation among Code Enforcement Officers makes it easy to deal with a code enforcement citation when you call. 

Low minimum - reasonable hourly & daily rates. Seasonal contracts available. Call 303-341-1273 for a free estimate.

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